Today, travelers and hotels are locked into an archaic reservation model. When plans change, someone takes a loss. That needs to change.

Pinktada replaces this outdated model with a token marketplace, where room-night tokens (RNT) can be purchased or sold at any time.

How Pinktada Works

At Pinktada, we believe that the traditional non-refundable reservation model for travelers and hotels is outdated and inflexible. That's why we've created a revolutionary marketplace that offers a more adaptable solution for both parties. Welcome to the future of hotel booking with Pinktada, a new kind of hospitality marketplace.

Traditional hotel reservations are either fully refundable or non-refundable. While refundable reservations offer flexibility, they are costly for travelers and put hotel revenue at risk. Non-refundable reservations, on the other hand, are cheaper but restrict travelers' options when plans change. Neither of these models is ideal in today's dynamic world, where millions of dollars are lost daily by hotels with empty rooms due to cancellations or travelers with unusable reservations.

Pinktada has invented the transferable non-refundable reservation. Our reservations can be transferred and traded, just like tickets.

Pinktada's marketplace offers a seamless, user-friendly alternative that provides flexibility without sacrificing reliability. Here's how it works:

Hotels join Pinktada and integrate with our system, providing exclusive rate codes, rates, and availability data.

We collaborate with hotels to develop custom content and immersive 3D renderings, allowing travelers to virtually explore and connect with the hotel and its amenities.

Travelers can search for hotel rooms, just like on any other online booking site. However, our search results combine both live inventory from hotels and resale inventory from travelers looking to resell their reservations.

Once a reservation is booked, it can be easily modified if the traveler's plans change. They can sell or swap their reservation on Pinktada's marketplace, where prices are determined by supply and demand.

Travelers who need to cancel can sell their reservation at the current market price. If hotel prices have increased since booking, they may even make a profit.

If travelers wish to modify their plans, they can swap their reservation for a different date, room, or hotel, paying or receiving only the difference in market value.

From the hotel's perspective, a Pinktada reservation is just as reliable as any traditional non-refundable booking. Hotel revenue is guaranteed, and Pinktada bookings appear no different from other reservations.

With Pinktada, both hotels and travelers benefit. Hotels enjoy guaranteed revenue, while travelers experience the certainty and flexibility they need when booking their accommodations. Say goodbye to the outdated non-refundable reservation model and embrace the future of hotel booking with Pinktada.

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